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Great taste, great health

  • 2 micron water filters removes impurities, contaminants and chlorine for pure, great tasting water
  • Enjoy better tasting tea, coffee and other hot drinks free from chlorine and other impurities
  • Healthy hydration - water purification leaves all the essential minerals in your water
  • Drink to your heart's content – you're no longer paying by the bottle
  • You and your children will drink more as Strauss water is easy, fun and always chilled



Always boiling hot

  • Unlimited supply of pure chilled water – no more running out
  • Boiling water at the press of a button - no more waiting for the kettle to boil
  • No more hassling with bottles – an end to lugging, storing, chilling and recycling
  • No more hassling with filter jugs – an end to the constant filling, filtering, chilling and the monthly filter changes
  • Save time cooking - a pan of boiling water is always ready

All you can drink

  • No more worrying about the cost of water – one price for all you can drink
  • Unlimited supply of pure water for less than 0.70 euro a day – not even the price of one bottle of water
  • Save even more - fill your reusable bottles for water on the go or in children's lunch boxes


pdf-32 Strauss Water Leaflet (English)

pdf-32 Strauss Water Leaflet (Greek)





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