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Reusable bottles - save more money and help the environment 


Glass-hand blown

Glass is a completely natural material, healthy for people and nature and 100% recyclable. In a way, glass is very similar to water – it comes in various shapes and it is very strong but, at the same time, very fragile.

From many different types of glass, we chose superb borosilicate glass known for its firmness, resistance to thermal shocks and chemicals. Other material used is best quality stainless steel, from which the cap is made of. It will keep the content safe in your bottle. Further protection is provided by the colorful silicone bands.

Drop collection 570 ml, squeeze collection 550 ml
CMYK-Cyan CMYK-Key CMYK-Magenta CMYK-Yellow
DROP Cyan 570ml DROP Key 570ml DROP Magenta 570ml DROP Yellow 570ml

Plastic BPA free bottles

The plastic reusable bottles are practical, trendy and eco friendly. They are made from top quality material Eastman Tritan because it is one of the best plastic materials for your health. Eastman Tritan is amorphous copolyester derived from vegetable source which is recyclable and does not contain harmful chemical bisphenol A (shorter BPA). BPA can cause changes that lead to breast and prostate cancer, allergies, hormonal disorders, etc.

EQUA-Pink-Monsters EQUA-Pixels EQUA-Ballons EQUA-Heart
Pink Monsters 400ml Pixels 400ml Balloons 400ml Heart 400ml
EQUA-Save-the-Planet EQUA-Purple-Leaves EQUA-Five-Times-a-Day
Save the Planet 600ml Purple Leaves 600ml Five Times a Day 600ml


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